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How does Autism Doctor diagnose Autsim?


We follow NICE guidelines and use DSM-5 criteria for assessment of all children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are able to establish the severity of Autism as well as indicated by DMS-5 ( Mild Moderate Severe). 


In practice we can offer the following for a full diagnostic Evaluation of children on the Autism Spectrum as required:

  • Autism Specific History (Using standardised tools as applicable)

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 (ADOS-2)

  • Speech and Language Therapy assessment

  • Cognitive assessment including Nonverbal children's assessment

  • Consideration of Differential Diagnosis

  • Confirmation of Diagnosis

  • Information on local and national support organisations relevant to the diagnosis

  • Suggest the right investigations as necessary (eg microarray and EEG etc.)

  • Management of medical conditions 

  • Signposting to the right services

  • Informing Education and Social Care to get their help to support the child including supporting for Education Health and Care Plan Assessment

  • Being an Advocate for the child and their family and supporting at each and every step

Can Autism present differently in home and at school?


Yes indeed! A majority of children who have autism present at secondary school age have different behaviours at home and at school. Girls are particularly good at masking symptoms in social settings.


What is the role of Paediatricians ?

Paediatricians are best suited to establish a good developmental history, consider other possible diagnosis including serious condition like epilepsy, like developmental delay, Dyspraxia, regressive medical conditions, syndromes, and other medical diagnosis which can present as Autism or may coexist. Paediatricians are specifically trained for medical examination.