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Neurodevelopmental Services Limited
Children’s Privacy Notice
Last Updated: 05.01.2024




This privacy notice explains what personal data we collect and use whenever you come to see us, and it also tells you how we make sure your information it is kept safe.

We update this privacy notice from time to time in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations, to our processing practices and to products and services we offer. When changes are made, we will update the ‘Last Updated’ date at the top of this document.

2.What personal data do we process?

When you come to see us, we will collect your personal data. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Your Name

  • Your birthday and year you were born

  • Your address and contact information

  • The name of the person who will generally bring you to your appointments

  • The reason that you are coming to see us

  • Any information that you or your family gives us (behavioural, education, health data etc)

  • Any referral information received (such as from your GP, hospital doctor, social worker etc.)

  • Information around the provision of services to you


3.Why do we process it?

Our main purpose is to deliver a diagnostic and management service for Autism and other conditions to our clients, in a timely manner.

We collect the data we need in order for us to carry out our assessment and then to signpost you to the support you need. We ask for your address so that we know where we can contact you. We ask for your date of birth as your age may be important to your care. Each time you come to see us we will write down things that you tell us, along with the things that we tell you. That way, we can look back at what we have done for you to make sure we are supporting you in the best way.

4.What do we do with it?

We store the personal data we collect about you both electronically and on paper. All of the personal data, when put together, forms your Individual Record. When you first see us, your Individual Record will be given a number. Everyone’s Individual Record number will be different. Anyone involved in supporting you at Autism Doctor can see what personal data has been collected about you. This way, we can all make the right decisions about you, with all the personal data you have given us.

5.Who do we share it with?

We may share the personal data we hold about you with other consultants within Autism Doctor. That way, we are kept up to date on what we are doing for you. Your parents/guardians should get a copy of any letters we send to you or your doctor about your assessment. We may also share your personal data with other healthcare professionals involved in your care, as well as your school if we think it is important. We may also share your personal data with your social worker if you have one. If you tell us something that makes us worried about your safety or the safety of someone else you know, we may have to share this with other people outside of Autism Doctor (even if you don’t want us to). This is part of our job to keep you and others safe.

All doctor’s practices and healthcare settings are checked to make sure that they are treating and caring for patients and families in the best way they can. The people who carry out these inspections may ask to see a small number of Individual Records. They check that notes are written clearly and are kept safe to ensure that your personal data is being recorded and stored safely.

As part of this process, your information may be shared with the Care Quality Commission who regulates healthcare providers. For more information on how they handle personal data please click on the link below:

6.How long do we keep it for?

According to the NHS records management guidelines, it is good practice for us to retain the records of children and young people, up until your 25th birthday, or, until your 26th birthday if you are 17 at the conclusion of our relationship. In certain circumstances we may need to use our client data to help us investigate incidents, complaints, or legal claims. If this relates to you, we will make sure that we let you and your parents/guardians know.

7.How do we keep it safe?

Everyone working for us understands the importance of keeping your personal data safe. That is why we have processes and procedures in place for keeping your information confidential and for protecting your privacy. All of our personnel complete training each year and are advised that they are only allowed to access your personal data if they are either involved in your care or it is necessary to help us run our business. This is particularly important with the personal data that can identify you; this might be your name or address, and/or anything that you come to see us about. We are not allowed to share any of your personal data with anyone who shouldn’t see it. This includes talking to them about it.

On occasion, we may have trainee doctors and/or student nurses spend time with us. This is so that we can teach them how to look after our clients and their families, along with giving them experience of working within a healthcare setting. They are also advised on how to keep the personal data we collect about you safe.

8.Can I see my personal data?

Yes! As one of our clients you can see the records that contain your personal data. You or your family will need to ask your consultants first though, as there may be things that we would need to explain to you such as abbreviations or medical words.

9.What if my personal data isn’t correct?

If you believe that any of the information we hold for you is incorrect, your parent/guardian will need to contact us as soon as possible.



10.Can I have a copy of my records?

Yes! Your parent/ guardian can contact us using the details below to let us know what information is being requested. For example, it may just be part of your record, e.g., an assessment or report, rather than your whole Individual Record that is required. We will then be able to locate, retrieve and provide the relevant information to you. Before releasing any personal data, we will check the identity of the individual making the request to make sure we are not sharing your personal data with anyone who shouldn’t see it.

More information around the rights available to you can be found here.


You can contact us in relation to data protection and this privacy notice by emailing  or write to us at the following address:


Dr Deepshikha Thakur

Autism Doctor

c/o Spire Bushey Hospital

Heathbourne Road



WD23 1RD


12.What if I’m unhappy with how you’ve used my personal data?

Let us know by contacting our Privacy Manager, the person responsible for managing our Data Protection compliance.

In addition to the above, please note that you have the right to make a complaint at any time to the ICO if you are concerned about the way in which we are handling your personal data.

The Information Commissioner’s Office can be contacted online at or by telephone on 0303 123 1113.

We hope this notice tells you what you need to know about the information we collect about you.

If you want to know anything else, please contact us and we will make sure we listen you very carefully and look after your needs the best that we can.

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