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Autism Management

Autism is a lifelong condition. Early intervention and support has shown to have a positive impact on child’s development and outcomes. Education of those caring for Children with Autism has an important role in improving lives of those affected by Autism.


The amount of support required varies from individual to individual and across the life span. The condition requires reasonable adjustments to be made by those who are in contact with individuals on the autism spectrum.


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Role Of Health

  • Establish Accurate Diagnosis in a timely manner

  • Identification of other conditions that may be associated with Autism

  • Management of conditions such as ADHD, Sleep Difficulties and Aggression

  • Management and advice on sensory and co-ordination issues 

  • Advice and support parents and other professionals 

  • Supporting the individual with Autism

  • Contribute to Education Health and Care Plan Assessment etc.

  • Contribute and support applications of Disability Living Allowance etc

  • Coordination with other agencies such as education and social care.


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Role Of Education

According to the Special Education Needs and Disability Code of practice, education settings should make reasonable adjustment for Children and Young people with Autism.

Autism Education Trust provides a rich source of information advice and support for schools and educational authorities.

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Role Of Social Care

There are a range of benefits that may be available to families with children who have a diagnosis of Autism. These include Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance etc. This information can be obtained at the Citizen Advice Bureau. Alternatively your health visitor can support you.

Each local authority publishes their Local Offer that helps parents navigate through the services available locally for children and young people with Autism and other Special Education Needs and Disability

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