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At Autism Doctor, we offer diagnostic assessments and management advice on a range of neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism ( high functioning Autism, Autism in teenagers and Aspergers Syndrome ADHD, Developmental Delay, Dyspraxia and Learning Difficulties.


Our services are for 0-16 years of age.

  In line with the digital trend in health care and to suit some families specific requirements, we offer an alternative to face-to-face appointment through tele-interview as well as face to face appointments. This can in the
form or audio or video consultation.

Please note that for a full diagnostic assessment, a face-to-face consultation and relevant medical examination of the child or young person is likely to be required.

Please complete the form below for us to be able to deal with your request in the most effective way for your child.

Your content has been submitted

Your content has been submitted

If insured, a referral by GP is necessary.  Once you obtain the referral, we advise you to call the insurance company so that they can pre-authorise your claim before you arrange or receive any appointment. Please note even if you are insured you may have to pay the excess depending on your policy. Your insurance provider can inform you of this if you are not sure. This is payable directly to Autism Doctor.

COST: The clinician will confirm the estimated fee prior to assessment based on type of assessment necessary. The fee only covers clinician’s professional fee and includes processing of pre-assessment information, assessment and report writing. The fee does not cover costs of separate assessments such as that by SALT who need to be paid directly by families. The fee also does not include blood tests and investigations recommended by clinician. For self-paid assessments, we request you to please pay promptly, ideally within 24hrs of assessment. Reports will be issued within 3 weeks of assessment in most circumstances. Please note as per our policy, reports will be issued only after full payment has been received. Following cost applies to self-paying parents/carers.  Please note other professionals such as SALT, OT, Psychologist, investigations etc may be payable directly to the provider by the client

Initial Assessment for up to 60 min


Initial Assessment for up to 90 min


Follow up to 30 minutes


For more specific assessements such as ADHD and ASD your clinician will provide written estimate prior to assessment based on individual circumstances.


Any cancellation less than 72 hrs before the confirmed appointment will be subject to administrative charge of £100/- to cover admin/ room hire fees etc. Please note your insurance will not cover the cancellation fee.

By submitting the above information, you agree 

  • You are the parent/legal carer of the child being referred or you have obtained permission from the parent or legal carer of the child being referred.

  • Both parents who have parental responsibility, where applicable, wish to have this assessment.

  • To the terms and conditions of Autism Doctor.

  • To your child’s information being shared with the child’s GP 

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