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Terms and Conditions of Autism Doctor

You refer to parent(s) with parental responsibility or legal carer We refers to Autism Doctor (relevant clinician)

  1. You are the parent with parental responsibility or legal carer or have permission from the parent or legal carer of the child and would like Autism Doctor to undertake the requested assessment.

  2. You must inform the Autism Doctor if there is a dispute in parental views about the child’s referral process at the earliest.

  3. The fee displayed on the website is that is that of standard assessments. Some complicated assessments may be subject to higher assessment fee than that quoted on the website. The fee plan displayed on the website is subject to change.

  4. Autism Doctor will confirm the estimated fee prior to assessment based on type of assessment necessary. The fee only covers clinician’s professional fee and includes processing of requested pre-assessment information, actual assessment and report writing.

  5. At Autism Doctor we work with a other professionals who work as a team for your child's assessment. For some assessments such as that for Autism, it is likely that your child will be seen by different professionals including doctors, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists etc. for various parts of the assessment. Autism Doctor reserve the right to process information  and share with our associates and partners on a need to know basis. 

  6. You will receive a written quote of the cost of your child's assessment based on the assessments planned. The fee does not cover costs of separate assessments requested during or after the assessment which were not included in the initial assessment plan. For example, further assessments by Speech and Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist if considered essential may incur additional charges.

  7. The cost of assessment depends on a number of factors including complexity of presentation.

  8. The Autism Doctor fee does not include blood tests and any other investigations recommended by Autism Doctor.

  9. For self-paid assessments, fee must be paid promptly to Autism Doctor, ideally within 24hrs of assessment.

  10. Any cancellation or rescheduling request must be made in writing to the Autism Doctor (specialist@ or agreed other email address) at least 72 hours prior to the confirmed appointment. Any appointment cancelled less than 72 hours prior the appointment date will incur the cancellation fee. Please note that the cancellation fee is payable by you even if your appointment was covered under a medical insurance policy. Insurance will not pay for cancellations.

  11. Non-attendance at the offered appointment date and time will be considered as cancellation with less than 72 hrs notice and you will be liable to the cancellation fee. Please note insurance policy will not cover your non-attendance.

  12. On a rare occasion, the clinician may have to cancel an appointment at a short notice (less than 72hours). There will be no cancellation fee due by the parent/carer in this situation. The clinician will offer the next available appointment or may refund any paid fee should you choose that option. In case where a partial assessment has been undertaken already, the clinician has the right to claim for partial assessment fee. For example, analysis of pre-assessment questionnaire or information.

  13. In case of a dispute regarding the outcome of assessment, you will still be liable to pay the full assessment fee. Autism Doctor would encourage you to discuss the outcome with the clinician in question in order to resolve the matter at the earliest.

  14. Autism Doctor have the right to claim the fee of assessment and use the right channel including debt collection agency to claim for any unpaid fee full or partial.

  15. If there are any safeguarding concerns regarding the child, you give permission for Autism Doctor to share your child’s information with relevant professionals.

  16. We update our Terms and Conditions from time to time so please visit our website for updates.

Terms & Conditions

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